U.S. Air Force adopts DBSophic’s Qure

DBSophic’s workload tuning solution for SQL Server based applications was adopted by Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Tinker is a major U.S. Air Force base employing more than 26,000 people and home to several Air Force wings and units.  Among these are the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, the 76th Maintenance Wing, the 72nd Air Base Wing, the OC-ALC Aerospace Sustainment Directorate, the 448th Supply Chain Management Wing, the 552nd Air Control Wing, STRATCOM Wing One and many more.

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Hooizolder Invest launches new company with Mahkara

In a joint effort to deliver online business solutions using cutting edge technology and capabilities, Hooizolder Invest and Mahkara established Haytag IT.

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New inTune Magazine

The new inTune Magazine has just been released!
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Mahkara helps launching Adminimize

Backed by a large network and some well known lighthouse accounts Adminimize introduces a razor fast and 100% accurate solution to process your bookings automatically.

For more information, please check out Adminimize’s website.

BMW & RTL select DBSophic to optimize performance

DBSophic is getting ahead!

Some recent new wins mark DBSopic’s progress and experttise:

For more information check out the DBSophic website or download the free trial: http://www.dbsophic.com/product/

Successful launch of DBSophic @ SQL Zaterdag

Saturday, April 2nd, DBSophic facilitated its first Dutch customer case at SQL Zaterdag – an initiative of the SQL Server user community in The Netherlands.

The case was based on the Human Resource & Planning environment of SDB in Leidschendam and prepared, executed and presented by Frans van der Geer who belongs to the select group of Microsoft Certified Masters for SQL Server worldwide and is the only MCM in The Netherlands. So his opinion mattered to the customer, DBSophic and co-SQL professionals alike.

SDB’s database was thoroughly analyzed by DBSophic thus providing an outstanding and complete checklist with recommendations for improvement. The presentation of the results was presented with enthusiasm by Frans who especially appreciates the completeness of the tool and the possibility of determining the impact of the recommendations on a effective and accurate way. The session was attended and well received by many experienced database professionals.

While being Gold Sponsor of the event it was an excellent opportunity to find Microsoft’s support for DBSophic’s workload tuning tool called “Qure” by means of Gert Draper and other Microsoft professionals.

Tools to Increase Conversions

By Neil Patel, KISSmetrics.

Interesting presentation, however measuring and improving doesn’t stop there. Have you ever considered what you can predict based on the data you’ve collected with your CRM system, website and other customer facing systems you maintain on customer/ prospect behaviour?

Based on the analysis of your customers’ behavior and habits, Predicitve Analysis can assist you in:

  • Acquiring the most profitable customers
  • Maximizing the buying potential of each customer
  • Converting abandoners to customers
  • Attracting and Retaining the right audience
  • Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Check Stat-Market’s website for more details, or contact us.


RTL Germany to use DBSophic

SUPER RTL uses Qure to enhance the performance of a new document management application that serves about 150 users throughout the organization. The application, built upon a SQL Server database backend, was custom-developed to address SUPER RTL’s changing business needs. Multiple departments, including merchandising, accounting and legal, rely heavily on the application to support the channel’s core business.

SUPER RTL lacked the resources and expert knowledge to tune the SQL queries and indexing scheme of the system. “We looked at some other solutions, including tools from Quest Software,” recalls Christoph Weber, SUPER RTL’s Head of Application Development. “But after we tried Qure and it helped us achieve everything we wanted quickly and easily, we didn’t need to evaluate any other product.”

In the merchandising department, the application now runs two to three times faster than before, an improvement that has not gone unnoticed. “The merchandising department called to thank us for increasing the efficiency of their workflow,” recounts Weber.

Mahkara represents DBSophic in the Benelux. For more information please contact us or check the site of DBSophic.

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Customer Experience Management

It’s a hype. Microsoft just launched their CRM Online. The launch was all about being relevant and improving a customer’s experience. Air France-KLM same story. Interesting, but not new..

I recall my first meeting with an Israeli startup  called something like the Customer Experience Management company. It was 2005.

They were ahead of the pack and understood what the next wave could be. They had a slick product, already in use by a few well known banks in the country.

Despite all this the company never soared. They still exisit today. I’m sure they’ve added a few customers in these years but they haven’t grown as one would expect.

What can I say, having a good product and a great vision is no guarantee for success. It takes execution and persistence to make product & vision tango.

Go To Market (G2M) strategy

Once you’ve decided to structure the way you’re selling and servicing, it’s time to define your G2M strategy.

  • What do you sell?
  • How do you sell?
  • Who to sell to?

The answers define your sales model, your partnerships and your positioning. All these are subject to some basic, but crucial questions.